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8 Benefits of Wearing Scleral Lenses

8 Benefits of Wearing Scleral Lenses 640×350Scleral contact lenses have an extra-wide diameter and are rigid gas permeable. Unlike standard contact lenses, they vault over the sensitive cornea and rest on the whites of the eyes.

Our eye doctors at Freedom Eye Care are experts at fitting scleral lenses. We offer expert vision correction for a variety of difficult-to-fit eye conditions, including keratoconus and irregular corneas. When other forms of contacts don't perform well for astigmatism, we prescribe scleral lenses.

Here are 8 reasons why scleral contact lenses may be beneficial for you:

1. Keratoconus causes blurred vision

Keratoconus causes the cornea to thin and bulge, leading to significant vision problems and, eventually, the inability to wear standard lenses. Scleral lenses correct the visual distortions caused by keratoconus while ensuring a smooth and comfortable wearing experience.

2. Scleral Lenses for Astigmatism

In addition to prescribing scleral lenses for keratoconus, we also propose cutting-edge scleral lenses for astigmatism, especially for extreme astigmatism that other contacts aren’t able to correct.

3. Comfortable for Dry Eyes

Scleral lenses form a pocket that fills with artificial tears as they vault over your cornea. This lubricating cushion provides an extremely comfortable wearing experience as well as improved eye health. Additionally, because sclerals don’t touch your corneal surface, they lower the risk  of corneal abrasions.

4. Stable Vision

Even if your cornea is exceedingly irregular, scleral lenses will provide you with continuously clear vision. Their extra-large diameter keeps them centered and steady on your eye. Even if you play sports or have an extremely busy lifestyle, their size prevents sclerals from easily popping out.

5. Wide Visual Field and Reduced Glare

Scleral contact lenses have extra-wide optic zones that provide wider, more precise peripheral vision. They also reduce glare and light sensitivity.

6. Sclerals are Safe

Scleral contact lenses have an excellent safety record.

7. Long-Lasting Lenses

These rigid gas permeable contacts, which are made of high-quality, long-lasting materials, last about a year in most cases. Refer to your eye doctor for guidance and when it's time to replace your lenses.

8. Cost-effective

Scleral lenses are custom-fit, which necessitates additional professional training for your eye doctor as well as several appointments to achieve the ideal fit. For these reasons, sclerals cost more than conventional contacts. However, their life span is greater, and because they are a medical necessity, your insurance plan may cover the cost.

Ready to Try Sclerals? Come in For a Fitting!

Our eye doctors are well trained and experienced in the fitting of scleral lenses. To find out if you're a good candidate for these specialty lenses, schedule an appointment with one of our Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach optometrists. We take exact measurements of your cornea to fit scleral lenses that are tailored to each patient's eyes and specific ocular condition.

Freedom Eye Care Scleral Lens and Keratoconus Center provides scleral lenses to patients from Austin, South Austin, Sunset Valley, and Bluff Springs, Texas and surrounding communities.