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Loved coming to Freedome Eye Care, the staff was really friendly and attentive from helping out pick out the right lenses and scheduling the right appointment for contact fittings and I thought it was great they had bilingual speakers. Definitely recommend coming here
1 day ago
- sabrina h.
Had a fantastic experience here! Dr Azadi was quick but thorough and explained everything clearly. Staffmembers like Kim were polite and courteous and Norma was very patient and helpful in helping me pick my frames. Wholeheartedly recommend Freedom Eye Care!
3 days ago
- A K.
Had a great experience! I'm uninsured and it's great value for the money. I started out being barely able to read for more than 2/3 hours at a time, but after the procedure and some suggested lifestyle changes I was able to successfully sit through and pass 72 hour examinations.
1 week ago
- Daniel L.
The most comprehensive and informative eye visit I've been to!
1 week ago
- Victoria P.
The staff is great at communicating and making appointments is fast and easy. Everyone here is friendly and attentive, and I love that they text reminders about your appointments/renewing a prescription!
1 week ago
- Maya K.
I’ve been going to Freedom Eye Care for many years and have always been very pleased. I’m not an expert in eye exam technology, but they seem to have the latest machines for taking pictures of your eyes, checking pressure, etc., etc. The doctors are friendly and efficient and take time to answer all my questions. Whatever happens to my eyes as I age, I feel it is not going to be a surprise because they will have warned me about it as soon as any hint of it was apparent (e.g., cataracts, glaucoma). In addition to the medical side, I’ve received excellent assistance in picking out frames. Last year, the staff person assisting me with some frames gave me excellent advice on how to keep my glasses from getting fogged up when I’m playing tennis on a muggy day.
2 weeks ago
- Ky C.
Well deserved five-star rating for Freedom Eye Care. Superb service by friendly, courteous professionals. I especially appreciate the attentive help from optician Emily and the receptionist in accommodating my elderly mother, who has trouble walking and standing, as well as addressing my concerns about transitioning to progressive lenses. Highly recommend them!
2 weeks ago
- L S.